Tanyoto Hotpot/Steamboat Review

Rating: 4/5 (good by hotpot standards & value for money)
Atmosphere: Chinese restaurant decor, loads of tables (in fact restaurant has a few levels) but I advise booking in advance as its a popular hangout.The crowd is a mix of foreigners (Westerners/Chinese) and locals. Comfortable personal space.
Menu: Available in Chinese and English (ask for the English version). The Chinese menu has more items than the English menu. I have taken a copy of the English menu below. You can bring your own wine or buy from their selection of wines (ranging from expensive to affordable). Corkage is a flat fee of HKD 50. IMG_1227[1]
Service: Excellent. We had a personal waitress standing just at the corner catering to our every need.
What to order: Famous for its tomato based soup, glutinous rice dumpling, hot and spicy soup base, fish head.
Average Price: HKD 170 for Ala Carte menu. Value for money. You can order fish maw with this price as well.
Directions: (Wan Chai branch)
Exit from A3 at Wan Chai MTR, turn left immediately, cross the small road, you will see the building in the picture below. Its just beside Tung Hing Building which is literally stuck onto this restaurant building.
After you enter and climbed the stairs, you will be able to see their corridors lined with awards, accolades and pictures of various celebrities.
Wan Chai Tanyoto building facade
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Its situated  O’brien road instead of Johnston road (as stated on their website).  Beside Tung Hing building.
Monday – Friday
6:00am – 12:00 midnight
Saturday,Sunday & Public Holiday
6:00am – 01:00am
Link to Restaurant website.
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** They have outlets in Wan Chai, Taikoo, Tsuen Wan

We were recommended to visit this place by our colleagues. And after doing some research, Tanyoto (Wan Chai) is a winner under the OpenRice Hotpot category.

Some of my friends went for their buffet as its cheap, but realised its not worth the money. As the buffet selection limited. So, this time, we opted for Ala Carte menu so that we get to order the “expensive” items.
I am not a Hotpot person, but I must say, Tanyoto blew me off my feet.

This is a good place to visit especially if you come during the winter months.

The taste of the tomato soup is similar to that of a minestrone soup.

Our personal favorite is their crystal char siew pau (the extreme right dish), the pork filling reminds me of Tiong Bahru pau. Its taste similar but also different from Tiong Bahru pau. Their crab roe dumpling deserves a  try too, its taste is unique.

We also ordered fried fish skins, which we use to dip into the tomato soup. Sometimes, you can hear the crackling sound produced by the fried skin reaction to the hot soup.

Our raw ingredients

Our raw ingredients

Don’t forget to pour in some of your soup into the bowls they give you. Its used as a dipping sauce.

We hope you will enjoy the food as much as we did!

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