Deli and Wine Review (Modern twist to Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng) Taikoo Shing Branch

Rating: 3/5 (average)
Atmosphere:  Modern chic casual interiors, comfortable sofas, big tables (for HK standard), mostly locals patronize. It feels like a cafe that you can sit around for long with friends. I like their open kitchen concept. If you ever grab a seat beside the chefs, its nice to watch your food being cooked. ( Its different from your usual Cha Chan Ting). Actually, the first impression I had when I saw this restaurant, I thought it serves only Western food. 


Menu: Available in Chinese and English and usually displayed on the wall or above the cashiers. Not a lot of choices. Their menu is a mix of Western spaghetti, Cha Chan Ting usuals, western coffee, and chinese style tea.
Service: It feels like a work cafe. They seem to be all about efficiency. Their serving system is like (Wang Cafe in Singapore), you queue up and order food at the cashier, collect your drinks at the next station, they give you a card so they can serve you food at your table.
What to order: I like their latte. My friend likes her toast.
Average Price: HKD 70.  Local & some western food served up in a nice casual cafe place that people don’t mind paying a bit more for.


Directions: (Taikooshing branch)
Exit from E at Taikoo Shing MTR, walk straight towards the end of the shopping mall until you see an ice skating rink. The deli is on the left of the ice skating rink from the direction you approach it.
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Shop 136, 1/F, Cityplaza II,
Monday – Sunday
8am – 1030pm
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** They have outlets in Taikoo, Central, TST

Here is what we ordered.

I ordered Curry Lo Mein, I find the noodles to dry. Noodles and rice portion served up in HK are typically 3 times more than what is served in Singapore. Not recommended to order this dish.

The soup too salty. The curry in HK is in general milder and sweeter but not as sweet as Japanese curries, don’t expect a spicy one to awaken your senses. There is also less spices in their curry compared Malaysian or Peranakan styled ones. IMG_1217[1]

Their spaghetti is pretty average.

IMG_1215[1] IMG_1216[1] IMG_1214[1]

My friend did think the toast was pretty good. Maybe their breakfast is good. I might just try it one of these days.

A word of advice, avoid lunch hours, you will need to wait for seats.

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