Hong Kong Disneyland Crystal Lotus Dim Sum Review

Rating: 4/5 (pretty good) I am giving it 4 for its cuteness!
Atmosphere:  Classic traditional Chinese restaurant. Located at Disneyland Hotel. It does look quite grand but has a casual feel to it. 


Menu: Available in English and Mandarin. There isn’t a lot of selection for Dim Sum, so don’t be disappointed. But they have other dishes like rice, congee, noodles etc.
Service: Polite.
What to order: Their disney character Dim Sum. You will need to book three days in advance and give the exact quantity. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay in advance. Its available only during weekends and Public holidays. You can call the hotel to get to the restaurant. Here is the hotel hotline: +852 3510 6000
Exit at Sunny Bay MTR. Locate the signs to get to the hotel shuttle bus. Drop off at Disneyland hotel. Turn right at the entrance and you should see restaurant.
Restaurant opening hours/address:
HK Disneyland Hotel
Monday – Friday
12-230pm, 6-1030pm
11-3pm, 6-1030pm
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.**

The pictures of Disney Dim Sum.

Mickey Seafood Glutinous pancake

Mickey Seafood Glutinous pancake

The pancakes taste like normal pancakes. Yummy but no wow factor.

CIMG4111 CIMG4102

Of course you can’t compare these to Tim Ho Wan. I did wished there was more Char Siew filling inside but it might make the shaping of the buns harder then. Well, can’t have the best of both worlds.


Duffy Steamed Lotus Red Bean Bun


Little Green Men Vegetable and Pork Bun


Chicken little steamed lotus seed bun

Chicken little steamed lotus seed bun

Har Gow(shrimp dumplings)

Har Gow(shrimp dumplings)

Even the Har Gow are shaped like a fish. Impressive.

Looks wise, its just so adorable. Where else can you get Dim Sum shaped like disney characters other than in the Land of Dim Sum Hong Kong.

Taste and texture wise, its not great. It will not wow you but its at least average.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Disneyland Crystal Lotus Dim Sum Review

  1. How much does each set of Disney characters of dim sum cost? A rough guide. I’m thinking of whether if I should order ala crate or buying Disney set lunch

    • Ala carte is about 70/80hkd a Disney dim sum. Unfortunately, the dim sum set is open for hotel guest only. Also, they only offer on weekends or public holidays and you will need to book the Disney dim sum in advance. Enjoy your dim sum!

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