Dimsim sum specialty store Review (Wan Chai Branch)

Rating: 2/5 (food is below average)
Atmosphere:  Small tables for Dim sum. Its not a great atmosphere. Quite typical of many Hong Kong cafes, you will see boxes with tables. But their toilets are very clean and they have their own toilets. 


Menu: Available in Mandarin and English. Not a lot of choices.

IMG_1303[1] IMG_1304[1]

Service:  They have good service. Patient and you can converse in both English and Mandarin to them and they can manage both!
Average Price: HKD 100
Directions: (Wan Chai branch)
Exit from F at Causewaybay MTR, turn left and walk towards the main road( Hennessy Rd), walk along the main road, turn into Tin Loke Lane. You will need to keep looking for the road name which is not very obvious. Once you reach Tin Loke Lane, you can search for the below image.

They have outlets in Wan Chai, Mongkok and Jordon.


Restaurant opening hours/address:
Ground floor, 7 Tin Loke Lane, Wan Chai
Monday – Sunday
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.**

The reason why we decided to try this restaurant was because it was highly recommended by Timeout and Newsweek. And not only that, when we visited their website, it seems they are often featured on the local programs. So, we had really had high expectations.

We ordered mainly their signature dishes which was marked with a star in their menu.

The pineapple buns with pineapple filling came out looking so nice. But the pineapple filling was not nice. The pineapples were too big for the bun. The bun was quite small, about Tim Ho wan buns size. If they had put chicken meat or pork vegetable meat, then it will be great.

The bun itself was nice but… too bad the filling cant match it.


Next, we had the almond dessert with egg white. This was not too bad. I like my almond dessert quite watery rather than thick. Back in Singapore, we usually only drink just almond dessert alone without the egg white.


Next we had the Har Gow (shrimp dumpling), the skin was just too thick and chewy. I had to chew a few times before I manage to get it down. Good har gow should have thin and easy to swallow skin. So this did not go down very well with me. But at least their prawns were fresh.


The custard bun, the filling did ooze out, it was good but taste wise not that fantastic.  At some places, when I had the custard bun, the filling did not ooze out. Theirs had a larger portion of salted egg compared to the other ones I tasted before. Well, it depends on what you prefer, if you like a more custard or more “eggy” filling.


Last we had the fried wasabi dumplings. it was nice. My friend liked it. It wasn’t oily which was good. But I wished the skin was crispier so that it can bring up the wow factor and to build its contrast with the chewy inside layer. Its a unique creation, having wasabi inside the filling. But I think I still prefer the traditional fried dumpling. And wasabi with this, did not work for me, it felt like it needed something creamy to hold onto the sharpness of the wasabi.


I think I can say the dimsum here is like fusionA mix of different flavors from different places and a creative twist to the usual dim sum we eat. If you fancy fusion, maybe this is the place for you.

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