Grappa’s Millennio Review (Quarry Bay)

Rating: 3/5 ( great appetizers and desserts but main courses are a letdown)
Atmosphere:  Casual Italian restaurant setting. 
Menu: Available in English. They have quite a big selection of food.
Service: Polite.
What to order: Appetizers and desserts.
Average Price: HKD 350 for a set of appetizers, main and desserts
Directions: (Quarry Bay branch)
Exit from B at Quarry Bay MTR, walk along Finnie street, when you come to a T junction, turn right into Hoi Tai Street, turn right into Taikoo Place Lincoln House.

They have outlets in Admiralty, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central

Restaurant opening hours/address:
G/F., Lincoln House, Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.**

This is a restaurant chain. My colleagues really liked it. They have vegan food as well. The admiralty branch has been highly recommended.

Perhaps, to give this chain justice, I should really try the restaurants at Central or Admiralty.

To kick off, we ordered minestrone soup and bruschetta.

The soup was great. The portion was huge and generous. I really liked the soup.


The bruschetta was packed with flavor, there was a lot of garlic flavor on the bread and many slices of garlic on the tomato topping and the bread was nicely toasted. I thought it was good.


The main course was a bit disappointing. I ordered the Veal and I was expecting a nice piece of meat. The meat seem to be over pounded, it was very flat and thin. The sauce was too salty. And the vegetables was a tad too oily. I really wanted it to be nice.


The spaghetti vongole had too much garlic in it, the garlic was overpowering the dish.


Desserts were great though. So it was’t too bad.

I had the classic panna cotta and it tasted like how panna cotta should taste like.



The tiramisu is nice as well.


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