Hoi Tin Tong (Gui Ling Gao)

I passed by this chain quite a few times but did not really know what they sell.

HK is well known for their herbal jelly so I was glad when my friend brought me here to try their herbal jelly.


The herbal jelly is their signature dish. As the story was told, there was so much demand for his Guiling gao (herbal jelly) as word traveled that his herbal jelly helped healed his mum, that he opened his first store.

I ordered the Pearl Guiling Gao, the pearl is said to benefit one’s complexion.

The signature one is however the original version and its said to bring health benefits.

If you have never tasted Guiling gao before, it tastes a bit herbal. You can select hot or cold. If you are afraid of herbal taste, then go for the cold one. It basically has a jelly texture.

If you like it sweet, you can add honey over it. The herbal jelly, compared to the ones sold in Singapore, is nice and lighter and smoother. Although the difference is quite subtle, but you can taste it.

Its a standard price of HKD50 a bowl for any type of herbal jelly.

This is how it looks like in the below picture.

Where to find one?

There is one across the road from Sogo at Causeway Bay. They also have outlets in Jordon, Tai Po, Mongkok, Sha tin, TST, Wan Chai, Mongkok, just to name a few.

Other than herbal jelly, they also sell Herbal tea like “guiling tea” and “five flower tea” and “24 flower tea” and other products. You can find out more about their products at their website. 

There are also old school shops around that are priced cheaper.


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