Ye Shanghai Review (Marco Polo Hotel, TST) 2 Michelin Stars 夜上海

Rating: 4.5/5 ( well worth the trip)
Atmosphere:  Modern contemporary looking Chinese restaurant furnished with dark wood flooring and pillars. Located at Marco Polo Hotel in Tsui Sha Tsui. As with a typical Chinese restaurant, there is a lot of chatting. It din’t bother me too much. 


Menu: Available in English. As the name suggest, they serve Shanghai food. They have two set menus, one of which I think is called Deluxe menu that showcases all of their signature dishes. It cost more than the other but its definitely worth the extra bit of money. Or you can order Ala Carte for their signature dishes. You can also bring your own wine and pay corkage fee. They were also flexible in catering to what you like to eat, example if you did not want a certain dish in the set, they could switch it for another dish.
Average PriceHKD 570
Service: Polite. Attentive. But I expected a bit more from a Michelin star restaurant. I had a bag, which I had to ask a chair for it. But I like that they provide a cloth to cover your jacket or they offer to take your jacket.
What to order: Their dumplings are nicer than Din Tai Fung even though it doesn’t look nice from appearance. Their crab in shell. Jasmine tea is their special tea there. Their shaoxing wine ice cream and custard. Definitely call to reserve. Here is the TST restaurant hotline: +852 2376 3322.
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Monday – Sunday
1130-3pm, 6-1130pm
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** They have outlets in Admiralty and TST. But the restaurant being awarded the star is the TST branch.

So the menu comes with this sampler starter.

It comes with the tea smoked egg where the york is creamy and it taste so fragrant of tea leaves. The cucumber is perfectly marinated and soft yet crunchy. It was the perfect texture, I like that its perfectly marinated, not too salty and allows all the flavors to show up, the sesame oil, the soya sauce and the sweetness. The shaoxing wine chicken meat texture was really good. Everything on this dish is good. And it sets the tone for the meal. So, we started on a high note.


We had the wanton dumpling soup which was nice.


This stuffed crab dish is the best I had so far. I am not a big fan of the stuffed crab shell. As I had some at Fook Lam Moon and Ming Court and it did not really work for me.

I don’t like shredded crab texture as I preferred mine in chunks as it has more texture. I thought it was genius of them to stuff egg whites, then crab lumps and top it with a nice savory sauce. Its incredible because in one bite, you can taste the smoothness of the egg whites and crab meat with the sauce that had some bits that you can chew. Its nice. Definitely the winner.

CIMG4023 CIMG4024

The Xiao Long Bao was the best I have ever eaten in Hong Kong. There are some really good ones in other Shanghai restaurants that I tried as well. I used to think that Din Tai Fung was the benchmark to beat!  So back to the Xiao Long Bao, I know it looks quite limp and unappealing. Well, the skin is really quite thin and the sauce in the bun was a lot! I like the subtle taste of the sauce, it was just right. And I think the size might be smaller than others. So you can enjoy in one or two mouthful.

And their dipping sauce is nice as its flavors are well balanced. Typically, the sauce will come with ginger slices and black vinegar but this one, they added sugar to balance out the sourness. How smart! So the flavors are not that sharp and it goes better with their lightly seasoned sauce in the bun.


The fish is very soft and well fried. The chef did a good job with the fish. Covered with pine nuts. Interesting combination. But the pine nuts did not really add much taste, maybe more for texture.  I did not feel that it was necessary.


This is their “Kong Bah Pau” or Braised Pork served with steamed bun. It was nicely presented, the meat just falls apart as its so tender, the sauce is slightly sweeter than normal ones.  My only complain was that, the meat was too big for the bun or the bun needs to be bigger to contain the meat. I could only stuff half the meat into the bun. Not very good portion wise.


Even though their Longjing tea prawns are their signature, I think the tea taste is too subtle for my liking.


I find their cabbage with ham average. Cabbage bit on the soft side.


The rice roll cone was very crunchy. Crunchy inside and crunchy outside.


Finally, we had the dessert, which my family was raving about.

It was good for sure. I never had shaoxing wine ice cream before and it was STRONGLY  recommend by the Captain to try. First bite into the ice cream, it tastes just like normal cream, the next taste of shaoxing wine hits you, and then, you get the final taste was a surprise, it actually tasted like baileys! But these flavors are very subtle and you must really take your time to be able to tell.

The dessert is served with a pudding, which is very creamy and smooth.


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