Ming Court Review (Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok) 2 Michelin Stars 明閣

Rating: 4/5 ( pricey )
Atmosphere:  Modern contemporary looking Chinese restaurant. Located at Langham  Hotel in Mongkok. If you eat in the main dining area, there is a lot of space between tables. They also have private rooms, I will think those need booking. 
Menu: Available in English. They have a main page for their signature dishes if you aren’t sure what to order. Click here for dinner restaurant menu. Click here for lunch menu.
Service: Excellent. I do think they are a bit short on staff. There were only two waiters in the entire main dining area. But despite the main dining area being fully occupied, waiters were still great and patient and they can converse in Mandarin and English. I think the front of house did a good job, the tables look very neat and tidy, can’t even see a single crease. Everything on the table looks clean and proper.
What to order: Their signature dishes.
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Monday – Sunday
11-230pm, 6-1030pm
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.**

If I only have time to visit one 2 michelin star restaurant, this would not be my choice. The food here looks the nicest, the food was good but it did not wow me and I feel that its too expensive.

They gave us the free cold dish starter which is very nice. Its cold rice noodles cooked and chilled to perfection.


Top marks for presentation. This chilled silk bean curd with black truffle and gold leaf, I like it but it taste more like a dessert than appetizer as its sweet. But it will be nice as a dessert. Bean curd is so soft that I think they made it fresh and I am sure it took the chef a lot of effort to stack the layers on top of one another.


The teapot chicken consomme was nice and sweet but it was not special.


The duck ravioli, duck consomme dish had a layer of tofu that was set into the bottom of the plate as a surprise. It was a nice surprise but the tofu did not give much taste. Maybe if there was less tofu and more amount of duck ravioli, it will balance the flavors. The duck ravioli was pretty good, it tasted like foie gras. But the duck consomme was just average. Individual portions of the dish was nice, when put it was put together, it was just ok.


I prefer Fook Lam Moon crispy chicken because they do it so well.


Both crab shell with crab meat and cheese and deep fried crab did not work for me. I prefer the Ye Shanghaicrab dish.

CIMG3994 CIMG3997

We also had the below fish dish which I cant remember the exact name but it was amazing. The fish texture was the softest fried fish I ate so far. And great presentation as well.


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