Tai Tai Pie Pies Review

Rating: 3.5/5 (good comfort food)
Menu: They are known for their American apple pie. They have a wide variety of pies, from savory to sweet, cakes, bread as well
Service: The owner was nice and friendly and accommodated to our requests.
Average Price: HKD 500 which feeds about 6 people for a decent size meal.
Link to website
They are an online website that distributes pies and sells individual pies. You can order via their order forms and select the time and date of delivery. We requested for pie that is not frozen as we really wanted to have it for lunch. And our office microwave wasn’t capable of warming up frozen pies. RJ was nice enough to understand and even brought us a warm pie. We just couldn’t wait to dig in.


We ordered something quite different, Steak Stilton Guinness pie. It came with a glass ware.

It looks stunning. It has cute cow prints around the pie crust and a big heart in the middle.


It reminded me of Don Pie in Singapore. We used to order it for office deliveries. Don pie was nice, but this is much better! They have more variety than Don pie and even sweet ones.  Perhaps, one day, we might just order a pie for tea time.

I love the top pie crust, its thick but you can also taste the lightness of the crust when you bite into it. Its not oily at all. If its chilled and taste this great. Then, it must be really good when its freshly baked.



3 thoughts on “Tai Tai Pie Pies Review

    • Yea, I thought the cows were cute. I had Steak ale stilton pie, it was very well cooked. I selected a filling that wasn’t that common and it turned out well! I recommend trying if you enjoy comfort food.

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