Yo MaMa Frozen Yogurt Review

This is not a must try, but if you fancy yogurt that has texture of a sundae, then maybe you might like to try this.

They have two base yogurt flavors, green tea and original. I opted for the green tea and the seasonal taste of chocolate rum. The chocolate rum was using flavoring and with all rum flavoring it tasted a bit sourish and not to my liking.

I also like their Boba topping. If you haven’t had boba before, its a small ball, probably encased by jelly, when you bite into it, the juice just pops into your mouth. So there are different flavors, like mango or lychee etc..

I believe I have also seen boba topping for yogurt in Disneyland Hong Kong.

I only know of Mr Bean in Singapore selling boba in their iced lychee soya milk. I think its a seasonal item.

Link to their website.

Directions to Taikooshing branch:

Exit at D1 at Taikooshing MTR, then follow signs to reach East Hotel, cross the pedestrian crossing and Yo Mama is located at one of the shophouses. Its beside DBS bank.

Its also located beside Citysuper supermarket at IFC Mall.

IMG_1027[1] IMG_1028[1]

The white cubes are actually mo chi but they don’t go well with yogurt in my opinion.


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