Herbal Tea

Its quite ironic that my British colleague took me to try the herbal tea at one of these old school herbal tea shops. He used to work in Hong Kong many many years back and he remembers drinking herbal drink from these stalls. Its nice to see the old school shops still around.

If you are feeling “heaty”, you can drink any one of the herbal teas that they display at the counter.

The herbal tea is poured into a small bowl, covered with a plastic lid. And they will display the different teas with the prices.

Unlike in Singapore, where the tea is bottled up and displayed outside. The ones here, you drink from the bowl straight. And I think its really effective!

I like the “five flower tea” and the “guiling” tea. It looks bit disgusting and bitter and dark, but its actually not. The five flower tea is fragrant and the guiling tea tastes like peanut lotus soup.

The proprietary shops are more cost effective than the chain herbal shops. Like Hoi Tin Tong.



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