Ho Hung Kee Review (Causeway Bay) 1 Michelin Star 何洪記

Rating: 4/5
Atmosphere: Chinese restaurant decor. They have two outlets. One is their original stall at Sharp Street which is crammed and tight. They recently opened a new big spacious outlet with Tiffany colored chairs and sofas. They also have kitchen where you can view the chefs in action.

IMG_1377[1] IMG_1378[1]

Menu: Available in Chinese and English. They have a good spread to order from Dim Sum, noodles and congee, Chinese Stir fried items. They started out from congee and noodles and are known for that. But the other items are equally nice in this restaurant.
Service:  Its ok. Not as great as the likes of Cuisine Cuisine or Fook Lam Moon or Ming Court definitely.
What to order: Congee and noodles. If their selection of congee do not suit your taste, you can customize your own congee by selecting how much you want and what you want to add.
Average Price: HKD 120
Directions: (Hysan branch)
Exit from F at Causewaybay MTR, turn right and you will see an escalator going upwards (beside the apple store). Take the escalator up and look for the express escalator and take all the way to the end, you will see a food court. Take one more escalator up. And the restaurant is located near the escalator.
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Shop 1204-1205, 12/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Link to Restaurant website.
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** 

My friend’s mom is a regular at the original branch. She introduced me to this restaurant. I thought its not bad for the price and I like the variety of food I can order here and its in a nice environment. I came here quite a few times and their standard seems pretty consistent.

So, I like their salted pork. And we selected the congee that we can choose the ingredients.


And something my friend taught me which is how the locals eat their congee. Theywill usually order the below fried dough sticks (you zha kweh) wrapped in cheong fun skin to go with their congee.

The difference between the HK and Singapore version, the HK version has their fried doughstick wrapped with a layer of cheong fun, and it comes with sweet soya sauce where you pour over. You then grab one of it and dip into the dipping sauce provided. (sweet sauce and peanut sauce).


We also ordered the braised pomelo skin, I first ate this at Sun Tong Lok and it tastes amazing. So far, the one at Sun Tong Lok is probably the best I have eaten.


I really like the char siew bau, its like Tiong Bahru pau, but this skin is light & fluffy.


And we had the Ma Lai Gao. This is similar to what we can eat in Singapore. But the one in Singapore is denser,whereas this one is light and has a chiffon texture and sweeter as well. Its not bad.



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