“Jing Fu” Tea House Review 景福茶樓

Rating: 4/5
Atmosphere:  HK style tea house. Expect to share tables. Its not a big tea house. It looks family owned. 
Menu: Available in Mandarin. The menu is zi char style, they classify their food according to how they cook it. So there are braised, steamed, soups,  fried rice or noodles dishes, 小菜 or other dishes. Very value for money! The portions are huge.
Service:  Service is excellent. The lady boss, who seem to be there daily, she is super duper friendly and patient. Not to mention great memory, she remembers what my colleague ordered the other time!
Average Price: HKD 60
Exit B at Sai Wan Ho MTR. If you look straight ahead immediately when you exit (look past all the cable tv promoters), the shop is just directly across. At this point, you want to cross the traffic light on the right in order to cross the traffic light to the opposite street, then cross the pedestrian crossing. Or you can just cross directly as the traffic lights turn green all at the same time. That’s how the local cross!

This is how the shop front looks:


 Restaurant opening hours/address:
G/F 122 Shaukeiwan Road, Sai Wan Ho
Open daily (maybe not open during CNY)
Link to open rice
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.**

The service is very personal and also excellent, the kind of service you get at Michelin star restaurants with fancy service.

I appreciate that whatever you order, its cooked on the spot.

Simplicity at its best. No frills. No pretense. Simple clean honest food.  Its feels like healthy tasty home cooked food. And tops in the value for money category.

We ordered the sweet potato vegetable pork soup, that is not on the menu, its actually pasted on their walls. Who would have thought sweet potato tastes good in soup.


Then, we ordered the classic Cantonese styled vegetable in stock topped with Century and Salted egg. You can taste it’s fresh and it doesn’t seem like they put any msg in their food.


Next we ordered, clay pot braised lamb with dried bean curd. The clay pot HK style is pretty different from claypot Singapore style.

In HK, they cook their dishes in normal wok first, then they put in claypot to finish off the rest of the cooking process before serving.  But, in Singapore, I think the cooking is done in the claypot itself.


And this is the best bit of all. Its so well cooked. Its not oily but the outside is so crunchy, inside is so soft.  Shows the chef skills.

The sauce is lemon sauce and topped with preserved ginger slices. Its quite unexpected but it all goes very well together. Very smart as the ginger slices takes away the heaviness of the dish.


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