Hung’s Delicacies Restaurant Review (North Point) 1 Michelin Star 阿鴻小吃

Rating: 3/5
Atmosphere:  This place is packed. You will need to share tables and its cramped. There will most likely be a queue outside because it sits only 40, and the people don’t leave after eating, they will stay for a chat which I don’t blame them. But be prepared to wait.
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Menu: Available in English and Mandarin. Their portions are big.
Average PriceHKD 50
Service: Terrible for a Michelin star restaurant. For a Michelin star restaurant, I expect good service. It doesn’t have to be fancy but  service is important. I ordered a cold dish and surely that could be one of the first to arrive, but she only served it after I reminded her.  It was not that busy so I can’t understand when I placed my order, she did not acknowledge or nod. The service I received here is worst than the non Michelin ones in HK.
What to order: Marinated goose
Restaurant opening hours/address:
Shop 4, G/F, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point
Wed.-Sun. 13:00-22:00; Mon.-Tue: Closed
3p116-117, Level 3, Sky Plaza, Terminal 2, HK International Airport
Mon.-Sun. 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Link to Restaurant website
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** They have outlets in North point and Airport Sky plaza. You can find more details on their website. 

Their duck is nice but not amazing. I tried other dishes and it was just average. The only nice item is their duck.

I won’t recommend this restaurant. It pales in comparison to other 1 Michelin star restaurants as you will expect to have more than one item that is nice. Even the other recommended dishes did not leave much impression. Quite disappointing really.

And the level of service is just average. The environment is too cramped to enjoy a meal compared to other Michelin Bib gourmand (which are value for money restaurants that have bigger eating space).

IMG_0767[1] IMG_1405[1] IMG_1404[1]

The assorted vegetable in red tofu sauce is also just average.

IMG_0766[1] IMG_1403[1]

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