Dickens Bar Hong Kong Review (Causeway Bay) Excelsior Hotel

Rating: 4/5 (good British food)
Atmosphere: Pub like atmosphere

IMG_1438[1] IMG_1439[1]

Menu: British pub food. They also serve good Indian food. Highly recommend the lunch buffet spread. Its value for money and their buffet seems better their ala carte food, perhaps more variety.
Service: Good.
Directions: Exit D1, turn right til you reach a road, then turn left towards the massive g2000 store on the right, walk down til you reach either World Trade Center or Excelsior Hotel .
Average Price:  I highly recommend the lunch buffet spread. Usual price is HKD250. I had it today for HKD 200 for a discount.
Link to website

Its not comparable to the major hotel buffet spread variety but for a pub, its pretty decent. If you know what I mean.

IMG_1441[1] IMG_1442[1]

As part of their buffet, they have the cold cuts and salads, cheese spread.

There is also a spread of classic British food like Fish and Chips with tartar sauce, baked beans, Irish Stew, broccoli and cauliflower etc.. which I thought was pretty well cooked for buffets.

They also have soups like beef vegetable and carrot ginger apple soup. Their sweet breads taste a day old. Soups aren’t their strength.

They also have roast beef, ham and roast lamb cravings. Its delicious. Mine was great nice and juicy but I think my friend din’t get the soft parts. And you also get English mustard, mint sauce, gravy, whole grain mustard to go with it.

For the Indian spread, they have Chicken curry, vegetable curry, samosas, naan, poppadoms,pilau rice. And chutney, mint, yogurt dips to go with it. I love their chutney with the Chicken curry, it just goes so well together.


The desserts are nice. But not the best I have eaten.

So from clockwise, its the walnut brownie (average), treacle tart, pear tart topped with a blueberry, raspberry jelly cream in a shot glass.

I like their treacle tart but its not something that everyone will like.

IMG_1444[1] IMG_1445[1]

The apple crumble was not as nice as Paul Lafayet. The cheesecake was really soft. The strawberry eton mess was excellent.

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