How to get to Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre

How to get to Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre?

From Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal located at Habourcity, hop onto Star Ferry to Wan Chai Ferry terminal (which is located just beside the convention center). The journey from TST to Wan Chai is longer than TST to Central. Turn right when you exit from the Ferry terminal.


Or, Exit A1 from Wan Chai MTR and walk straight towards the sea, until you reach an overhead bridge, you will reach the Immigration Tower, continue walking straight towards the sea and you can’t miss the convention center.

Or, you can take bus 720 or 722 from the Post Office from Central and get off at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center.

Click here for the map. 

Its basically a place that holds concerts, exhibitions, plays and shows alike. Its very spacious inside and Hyatt is located beside the center  There are a number of Chinese restaurants here. The ticketing booth is located at the first floor.

IMG_1452[1] IMG_1459[1] IMG_1454[1] IMG_1449[1]

The view of the sea is nice. It reminds me of the Avenue of Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui. But the area surrounding is currently under construction.

IMG_1457[1] IMG_1456[1] IMG_1451[1] IMG_1458[1]

You can spot many Chinese nationals around the Hong Kong convention centre because, there are many monuments built here to commemorate the handover of HK SAR to China. The convention center is similar to the Esplanade in Singapore, they look magnificent from outside. HK convention center is a lot bigger in size though.


Below, the Golden Bauhinia Square, where the handover ceremony was held in July 1997.


If you are shopping around for some computer accessories, you can also head to the WanChai Computer Centre. (Exit A4 at Wan Chai MTR)

The computer items are certainly not the cheapest in Wan Chai. Its best to head to Sham Shui Po.

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