Hong Kong Minibus

Did you know that the colour of the minibus differentiates if its government or privately owned?

You will notice there are red and green minibuses.

The green ones are government owned and the drivers get a fixed wage. You can pay via Octopus card; the equivalent of EZLink card in Sg). You can also find the bus routes online. They run on a fixed time interval schedule.  Unlike the red minibuses, the green buses will depart from their first stop at time intervals, they will leave despite not reaching full seating capacity.


The red ones are privately owned. And they are notorious with accidents and for a reason. The drivers want to make as many trips as possible in the shortest possible time, so the drivers always speed at ferocious velocity. The more trips they make, the more money they make.  Its also more dangerous to take red minibuses. But if you are in a hurry, it works in your favour. And they will only depart from the first stop when its full capacity. Because of that, there is no consistency in bus time intervals. So far, I haven’t seen any Octopus tap pads and I usually only pay in cash.



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