Paul Lafayet Review

I was actually on my way to Laduree but was quite disappointed that they only opened a takeaway counter selling just macaron and not a cafe.

In my last trip to Paris, having tried a number of patisserie, its no surprise that Laduree is at the top of their game. If I am looking for just macaron, I might just pop in one of these days to try.

IMG_1430[1] IMG_1429[1] IMG_1428[1]

Anyway, got sidetracked, so I decided to satisfy my cravings by heading to Paul Lafayet at the Citysuper takeaway branch in haborcity.


Bought the apple rhubarb crumble, it was nice. Got some custard from Citysuper to go with it. Either I am unlucky cause, I couldn’t taste any rhubarb but it was nice nevertheless. The apple was soft with a crunch and there is cinnamon, who doesn’t love cinnamon? I like the crust as well as I like it crunchy.

IMG_1433[1] IMG_1435[1]

Next, I had the tiramisu, I think this is quite average but still nice. I must say Paul Lafayet is quite extravagant, the apple crumble and tiramisu are both set in clay like pots and not your average flimsy plastic takeaways. 

For the macarons, I bought banana balsamic, vanilla,  earl grey, pistachio, jasmine, lychee.

Paul’s macarons are BIG on flavor. I love it, its not overpowering.  I am a big flavor person coming from south east asia, who isn’t? But I am missing the balsamic here.

Then lychee, vanilla, jasmine etc are all amazing. But if you compare it to  Laduree or other brands, they might need a little work on their texture. Some of the macarons will crack. That being said, the texture is not a big problem for me as its not falling apart and its still holding together, I will still buy from them again.

It helps to know that they also use less sugar.


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