Where to buy egg tarts in Hong Kong

Don’t we all looovvvvveeee egg tarts!

They say you won’t know how to identify a good egg tart until you had a bad one.

That being said, being an egg tart lover and greedy at the same time, I tried almost every egg tart I see in any bakery. I had some egg tarts which was too dry or custard too runny.

And for that reason, I now know why the egg tarts at Tai Cheong, Honolulu are popular.

Egg tarts in Hong Kong come in a few different pastry bases. One being the traditional one, another comes with puff pastry and the last comes in cookie texture base.

King of Egg Tarts – Tai Cheong Bakery

Tai Cheong makes the best egg tarts I have ever tasted. If its good enough for the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, its definitely good enough for me.

Tai Cheong has many outlets, but the one in Central tastes the best. Its so good because, its custard tastes very “eggy” and  pastry is not dry and of the right thickness.

Click for Tai Cheong outlets

How to get to Tai Cheong bakery?

Central MTR Exit D2, walk along small lane, turn left and cross the road and walk towards the big Coach Store, in that same direction, walk pass the first street lane (Stanley Street), and turn right at the second street lane (Wellington Street), walk uphill until you reach a fork road where you will see Lyndhurst Terrace building in front in black, select the left one and continue to walk uphill until you reach a fork road again (this time there is a stairway on your right that leads  to the mid levels escalator), again select the left lane to continue walking on Lyndhurst Terrace. You should see Tai Cheong on the right.

IMG_2305 IMG_2306 Tai Cheong

Honolulu Cafe

This deviates from the traditional egg tart pastry. I bought a box home along with other pasties like wife biscuit.

Their egg tarts are definitely their best item (the rest weren’t good). This could be a hit or miss, I have friends who do not like this because they prefer the traditional egg tart. This tastes heavier than Tai Cheong’s egg tarts. The pastry consistency could be too dry or just right, I notice it tends to be a bit drier when egg tart is slightly bigger. The custard is also more watery than Tai Cheong.

Overall, I do like this egg tart and I know many others do as well but I definitely could not have too many at one time as it feels quite heavy.

Click for  outlets (Central, Wan Chai)

How to get to Honolulu Cafe?

Exit A2 Wan Chai MTR, turn right and walk about 4 metres. And you should see a shop signboard with coconuts trees in green.

And they have a display counter selling all kinds of pastries.

IMG_2172 IMG_2171

IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175

Lord Stows Egg Tarts in HK – Expresso Coffee Bar

Lord Stow Egg tarts are one of the best Portuguese egg tarts found in Macau. And now, they sell them in HK as well! Happy days for egg tart lovers. They are however, while stocks last. And when I reached at 4pm, I took the last four.

Not many are aware that Lord Stow egg tarts are actually sold in HK.

Click for  website 

How to get to Expresso Cafe?

Exit D1 Causeway Bay MTR, turn right and walk along the road towards Excelsior Hotel.

IMG_2051 IMG_2052 IMG_2053

Maria’s Bakery

Some say this is good. I tried but I feel that the pastry quite thick and there wasn’t a good texture for the pastry.

The custard tasted average as well. A bit on the bland side. I probably won’t recommend this.

IMG_1734 - Copy IMG_1735 - Copy

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