Sing Heung Yuen Dai Pai Dong Review

Rating: 3/5
Atmosphere:   Table sharing

Menu: Available in English & Mandarin. 

IMG_2017 IMG_2018

Service:  Brisk. Service wasn’t good as I saw ladies “lecturing” some tourist for taking someone else’s order when they served it to them?
Directions: Exit E2 at Sheung Wan MTR, walk straight across the square you see in below picture,


 locate the zebra crossing at the end of this square beside the main road, afterwards cross the traffic light on the left, turn into this lane (see below picture), turn left into the second side road that appears on your right.


and you should be able to see the only open air cafe/dai pai dong below.


 Restaurant opening hours/address:

2 Mei Lun Street, Central
Link to open rice
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** 

This place is famed for its tomato beef soup. I ordered the tomato macaroni soup with egg and pork. The soup base is really thick, like what many have said, you can tell it comes from the can. There is no flavor in the soup and taste bland. Not worth the trip if you ask me.


The milk tea is nice and smooth and creamy. Its not bad. But if you are not into condensed milk, avoid this!

The bread for the toast is very thick and light, but again, I think the toast needs more condensed milk or whatever toppings you selected. There should be enough toast toppings to go with the thick toast and it tastes quite plain.


I probably won’t go back there again as food is quite tasteless. But for the money, its pretty economical.

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