Thai Basil Pacific Place Restaurant Review

Rating: 4/5 
Atmosphere: Restaurant setting. 


Menu:  Their food can sometimes be a hit or miss. I patronized Thai basil many times. Most of the time, the food just blew me away.  I believe you can also ask them to cater the spice level of the dish to your liking. Spice levels are not indicated on the menu.
I love their cocktails and their desserts. Its creative and taste great at the same time.

Service: Good. 

Directions: Exit F at Admiralty MTR, take the underpass and it will lead you to Pacific Place. 
Link to website

Their starters are pretty average.

We ordered the rice roll and Thai Fish Cake. The sauce that comes with the Thai fish cake is so nice that I want more of it.


The drinks are superb. They are packed full of freshness and flavour. Although it says Mojito but its not your traditional Mojito.

IMG_2775 IMG_1793

The mains can be a hit or miss. The shrimp curry was great. It was so good that I forget to take a picture of it, its under their signature dishes.

The rest like the grilled chicken or beef green curry is quite average. Pad Thai was nice but I prefer Thai Express chain in Singapore.

IMG_2774 IMG_2778


Their desserts are inventive, creative but also not missing on “Thai-ness” and most importantly, its great.

Their ice-cream is to die for!

IMG_2781 IMG_1797


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