Caprice Hong Kong Review

Rating: 5/5
Atmosphere:  Classy, elegant. Its literally an open kitchen and no glass separates the dining from kitchen. I find it amazing the kitchen is so quiet that it feels like I am in a library. The waiting staff was such a pleasure to watch, they move like ballet dancers with precise coordination. Wow!

IMG_3043 IMG_3048

Menu:  French
Service:  One of the best in Hong Kong. Its exceptionally friendly, personal, sensitive and non intimidating. No snobbery at all.
Directions: Fourseasons hotel, Level 6
Link to website

When you step into the restaurant, past the main door, you are immediately greeted by ceiling to wall of wines displays on both walls.

Most of the tables have habor view. Once you have booked a table for dinner, its reserved for you the entire night. There is just one sitting.

The staff are very knowledgeable on the menu. If you do ask them, they take the time to explain to you patiently.

The ambiance, service, food is top notch. I can tell that Caprice is way up there from all the other two Michelin stars restaurants. And this is why its 3 stars. Gotta be there to know what I am talking about.

We had some pre-appetizers before our appetizers on the house. Ordered peach with champagne and cosmopolitan cocktail.

IMG_3056 IMG_3059

For appetizers, we ordered Fruity Crab Tiramisu,which was food perfection. I never thought crab, papaya, mango, pimento and cream cheese will work so well together.

Frog legs was so well cooked it tasted like chicken and did not have any hint of grass. It was served with ratatouille and basil foam. The flavors are so well balanced.

The Langoustine Lasagne with sweet bread, the langoustine was so juicy. The sweet bread is cooked with fat, is not oily melts in your mouth. Its amazing, it tastes like foie gras.


For mains, we had Line Caught Sea Bass. It was good but felt that the sea bass was just slightly overcooked only, but it was still very good.

The Challans Duck Fillet was nice as well. The sauce was great. The Onion Tatin with onion confit was awesome.

IMG_3066 IMG_3067

To cleanse our palette, Caprice has given lemon sorbet with mousse, top with wafer biscuit.

Next we had a couple of sweet stuff, macaroons, chocolate was nice, banana ravioli with nutella biscuit (yumz!).

IMG_3070 IMG_3073

I ordered the lemon souffle. Texture was light, smooth and cooked just right. Perfection! And on the side, I had carrot cake deconstructed. Maple leaf shaped biscuit, orange sorbet, spiced cake ball with a dollop of cream cheese. I loved it!

We also ordered the apple vanilla cake. By then, we were stuffed but very happy.

IMG_3074 IMG_3076

Definitely will revisit Caprice even though its costly, its totally worth it with so many free additional courses.

I can’t wait for my next 3 Star Michelin restaurant at Lung King Heen in July!!


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