Soy bean curd shop

I am a great fan of bean curd and I am naturally drawn to traditional inexpensive small shops selling soy products, like bean curd, soy milk, fried bean curd, fish paste bean curd etc. Shops like these are disappearing in Hong Kong. And I hope they won’t because that will mean I won’t get to eat all the bean curd I want.

Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong人和荳品廠

The bean curd is the smoothest I have tried in HK so far. And it comes in many  different syrup flavours like chocolate and such. Hot and Cold. If you order the original bean curd, their syrup is not exactly sweet, most bean curd shops provide sugar for you to sweeten your dish on the table.

I like the atmosphere, its comfortable, not too crowded. Its probably family owned and the owners always make you feel comfortable, they are friendly. Even the customers are nice here too.

Menu is available in English and Mandarin.

If you are a bean curd addict like me, definitely give this a try as its bean curd served in a different manner. If you are time starved, then you might want to give this a miss as its just bean curd, given that you can also get this in Singapore.

Address:55 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay MTR Exit F (you will see forever 21 in front), walk straight into the left lane beside forever 21 building. Walk about 5 mins. The shop will be on your right. 

IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2237 IMG_2238

Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong     公和荳品廠

This place is super packed, super popular and is very well known. But, I cant seem to understand why.

The bean curd is not smooth, its actually quite rough. There isn’t much variety. The place is small, cramped and packed. People eat and leave. It feels very hectic. You will need to share tables. The floor is quite dirty as well.

The wait staff is not that friendly and kept making me change seats. That was quite irritating as I could not enjoy the food as much as I would like to. The customers are friendly though which is always great.

There is no menu in sight. So, really, the best is to point and order if you can’t order Cantonese.

Address: G/F, 118 Pei Ho Street, Sham Sui Po MTR B2


IMG_2923 IMG_2924 IMG_2922

  亞玉豆腐花  @ Yuen Long

This is a finalist in Open rice. I thought I decide to try since I am in the neighborhood. The ladies serving were friendly. There isn’t much seating available, so take away was the best option.

I did not find the bean curd smooth. My friend’s mum actually mentioned there is another stall that sells better bean curd in ginger syrup. So, I will probably try that the next time I am in Yuen Long.

I was quite sad as I really wanted to find a nice bean curd stall.

Address:Shop 12, Wang Fung Building, 2 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long MTR Exit A, take light rail at MTR exit and stop at the city centre where you can see flagship Hang Heung store at the rail stop. 


If anyone knows of any nice bean curd stores like this, please comment below.


2 thoughts on “Soy bean curd shop

  1. Kate, 亞玉豆腐花 @ Yuen Long – “My friend’s mum actually mentioned there is another stall that sells better bean curd in ginger syrup. So, I will probably try that the next time I am in Yuen Long.” did you get the address of this other supposedly better bean curd shop in Yuen Long?

    • I saw a few bean curd store just beside the one i posted. It could be one of them. They are all on the same row. I know there is also one super popular and large dessert store in YuenLong. I tried that and dont comprehend why its so popular.

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