Quarry Bay Mount Parker Road Trail to Tai Tam Country Park

In an attempt to be more active after all the fiesta and feasting. I have decided to go on some hikes. I hear from my colleague that this Mt Parker trail is easier than the Dragonback trail and is good for beginners. Then, another colleague mentions that he hikes with slippers. Now, that got me seriously thinking about doing this hike. Yes, because it seems like a pretty manageable one.

The good thing about this trail is that it branches out into multiple routes along the way. Some paths go from Quarry Bay to Kornhill, some from Quarry Bay to Shek O, and the one I have chosen is from Quarry Bay to the entrance Tai Tam Country Park which passes by the nice looking Tai Tam reservoir.

The trail starts off from Quarry Bay. Drop off at Quarry Bay MTR, walk out from Exit B, turn left walk down the main street until you see a sign Mount Parker Green Trail. There is an overhead bridge above this side road. Also near a tram station.

My hike took me 2 hours to complete. Whenever I go on hikes, I make sure to put on sunblock, anti mosquito repellent as the mosquitoes and woodlouse in HK are very vicious and hungry.

The hike starts off by climbing a steep hill for about 1 hour. If you are tired, you can stop at the various picnic or bbq spots to take a break.


Almost reaching the peak, peak is in sight

Then you will come to a point, where you can either turn left or right. Turning right will lead you to the Tai Tam reservoir, get past the gate barrier.  And its down slope all the way! Then you can hear the sound of water and you know you are near the reservoir. Keep walking until you reach this (see below picture).

IMG_4428 IMG_4430 IMG_4433 IMG_4436

Koi fishes, turtles swimming in the reservoir

Koi fishes, turtles swimming in the reservoir

Walk towards Tai Tam Road. What I love about this hike is their proper paths. This makes it a lot easier.

And it is downhill again. Until you reach a certain point, its flat ground all the way and that is what makes it easy.

I highly recommend bringing your phone along purely for the sake of google maps if you are doing it the first time and have no clue which trail you want to take or end up with because this hike gives you many options on where you proceed.

Where you exit, will be the entry point for many leisure hikers which is the Tai Tam country Park if you choose to walk along the Tai Tam road.

You can catch Bus 14 which goes to Shau Kei Wan Bus terminus. Or grab a cab like what I did.

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