Its that time of the year again. I see Mooncake advertisements along the escalators of the MTR, on buses.

Mooncakes in Hong Kong are so different from the ones sold in Singapore. And I am a massive fan of the Hong Kong version.

That is because I love egg custard and I also love the snow skin or they call it Icy mooncake here with the delicious mung bean filling. I love my Ang Ku Kueh back at home only because I get to eat the mung bean. But over here, the moon cakes are packed in bigger volume of mung bean. The same with egg custard. You just cant find anywhere else but in Hong Kong selling the egg custard moon cake.

What more can an egg custard and also a mung bean fan ask for?

They start selling Icy moon cakes around End July from Wing Wah. Then they start selling the Egg Custard ones in Early August if I remember correctly.

Lets begin with Egg Custard. Peinsula Hotel at TST sells the best egg custard moon cake because their moon cake skin is so buttery its like eating butter. Imagine, as buttery as the pineapple tarts crust during our CNY.

And its a hot favorite with Hong Kong locals because, the moment they release for advance orders in early August, its sold out like within one week.  I guess they only bake in limited quantities.

Although everyone really likes Peinsula. I really like Kee Wah for egg Custard moon cake. The fillng taste similar, if not the same to peinsula. The only difference is in the moon cake crust. Kee Wah is not buttery at all but its still very soft and nice to eat.

I also tried Tai Cheong, I thought, given that they do egg tarts really well, maybe their mooncakes will be good. But I did not like their mix of Lotus seed paste with egg custard. My vote goes to Kee Wah for Egg Custard.

Peinsula Hotel Egg Custard Mooncake

Peinsula Hotel Egg Custard Mooncake

My favorite

My favorite

Tai Cheong Egg Custard- not nice unless you like some lotus paste with egg custard.

Tai Cheong Egg Custard- not nice unless you like some lotus paste with egg custard.

Icymoon cake skin basically taste the same as the snow skin moon cake. The difference is in the filling. We fill ours with chocolate and rum and all that. Theirs is plain mung bean with many different flavours. And I love it !

Personally, I prefer Wing Wah than Maxims because its smaller and their skin is thinner. Maxims has some great flavours like black forest, devil chocolate, strawberry and stuff.

Overall, price wise, Egg custard costs more than Icy moon cake.

In the meantime, I am still waiting to try Hung Fook Tung Egg Custard, Taipan and Arome Icy moon cake when I finish my current batch of moon cakes still sitting in the fridge.

Wing Wah Icy Mooncake- Mango flavour

Wing Wah Icy Mooncake- Mango flavour

Maxim Icy MoonCake

Maxim Icy MoonCake


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