Where to eat Egg Waffles on HK Island

Egg waffles is an inherent of part of HK street food scene. Everyone in HK grew up eating it and has a fond place in their hearts.

When cooked right, it has an alluring aroma, crunch on the outside and soft chewiness on the inside.

低調高手大街小食 (Low-key Top Quality Main Street Snacks)

Starting from the eastern end of HK island, this is one of my favourites. Its super crispy and the filling has a strong taste of egg and is moist. Its also light on the stomach. Definitely worth a try.

Shau Kei Wan MTR Exit B1, shop is immediately on the left
shop B3, 76A off Shau Kei Wan Main Street,Open daily, 2 p.m.-9.30 p.m

IMG_4178 IMG_4180

鴻記極品雞蛋仔 (Hung Kee Top Quality Egg Waffles)

The egg waffle boss is really friendly and it helps that I live near Tai On Building. The first few egg waffles I had in HK was from them. I tried a few boring nasty ones before I had this.  This was in contrast much nicer. Nasty ones will be pretty tasteless and only have one texture throughout. This is probably on the heavy side, not a light snack. But its got a good texture on the outside and a very mochi like center.

Sai Wan Ho MTR Exit A, cross over to Macdonalds across the road and you will reach Tai On Building
You will take a while to find it but everyone there knows about him.
Open daily, 2 p.m.-12 a.m.. Hung Kee Top Quality Egg Waffles, shop A34C, second corridor, Tai On Building, Sai Wan Ho

IMG_2407 IMG_2406

超羣麵包西餅 (Maria’s Bakery )

In terms of texture, its not quite your typical crispy outside and chewy center. What I really like is the lightness of the egg waffle batter. Its very light and soft unlike others I have eaten before. So light that you can finish it in a flash and that is something quite special. If you are there, remember to try their egg custard buns, the egg custard will just ooze out when you bite into it. Highly recommend that. I also read that they do interesting egg custard with different center filling. I havent seen that in Taikooshing but I will want to try the one at Central one day.

There are many branches scattered around HK including Central.
Click here for its branches.
Taikooshing MTR Exit C, walk towards basement, past Mrs Fields cookies and its beside Gong Cha
Unit 009 G /F, JUSCO Kornhill Store, Kornhill Plaza , 1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay


利強記北角雞蛋仔 (Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles)

You cant miss this store, it has photos of celebrities eating their egg waffles plastered all over it. And all their branches sport that special trademark picture collage. This egg waffles is probably one of the priciest around because its so famous.

A pity they tend of pre make their egg waffles and just heat it up when you purchase it. I guess what makes this stand out is how super chewy the insides is that I dont think there is any other egg waffles I have tried that can beat that.  Its light and nice but not sure if worth the hype. I think I still prefer egg waffles with a deep egg flavor.

Open daily, 10 a.m.-11 p.m. but varies between branches. Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles (main branch), 492 King’s Road, North Point. 

IMG_4162 IMG_4163

2 thoughts on “Where to eat Egg Waffles on HK Island

  1. I’ll be in Hong Kong for the first time next month. I’m really looking forward to trying an egg waffle! Is there a store in Tsim Sha Tsui that you would recommend?

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