Where to eat congee in Hong Kong

Congee is a Cantonese tradition. Taiwanese porridge is a bit more grainy with groundnuts and is eaten with pickled olive, fermented tofu and other highly savoury fermented or pickled items. Cantonese congee is cooked until the grains are finely broken down and the finer it is, the better its said to be. The best in my opinion is so fine that you cant tell the grain from the stock. It has to be well seasoned that you shouldn’t require too much seasoning later on when served.

Typically, most decent porridge places provide one form of chili or another to serve with it. I like mine with some white pepper as it helps to alleviate the taste a bit.

For those of you who are new to this, preserved century egg and lean meat congee is the classic selection.

I covered the porridge places on HK Island after a year of eating. Here’s my take on the most popular ones on HK island.

Wong Chi Kei – Highly recommend  


15B Wellington Street, Central, Gfloor.

This is my top pick for congee. You will need to order their premium congee selections from their English menu. Their congee is the smoothest I have had in HK. And its so well seasoned that its just sufficient to eat on its own. And you can taste the high quality of its ingredients. This is why it is my all time top pick. Not to mention that I like the sitting where it is relatively spacious for HK Standards for a congee place. The furniture and decor is new and not shabby. Area is clean and you can even put your bag under the table.

IMG_2860 IMG_2862 IMG_2864

Trusty Congee King Hong Kong – Wan Chai/SaiWanHo/Tuen Mun – Definitely most value for money and best tasting congee shop ever!

Shop 31, G/F, Tai On House, 57-87 Sau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho


I really only tried the one at Sai Wan Ho. This is obviously my go to congee place as its closest to me. Fear not, they have English menu. Its spacious and clean, provide tissues. (this is good in case you forget to bring your own like me). I love their Chili sauce to death. Its so nice. Can someone tell me, is this a special type of Chili sauce? Really hope to make my own so I wont miss it when I go back to Singapore.

They can speak in Mandarin but definitely not English. They are also well known for fish skin and I must say theirs is the softest I had. I also love their cold dishes like fish ball with  some green onion and red pepper garnishing dip in soya sauce.

All their noodles taste great as well like wanton mee and beef brisket. Their salted dumpling which they are known for is also very good indeed. I like everything here except their fish porridge unless you dont mind picking out fish bones.

IMG_1291 IMG_1293 IMG_1296 IMG_1333 IMG_3037

Law Fu Kee

G/F, 142 Queen’s Rd C,, Central


This shop has three branches in Central/Sheung Wan area. Its not bad for the money. Its very cheap. This place is good if you have tight purse strings as its cheaper than the first two. But I personally, don’t fancy their congee a lot. And the place is a bit dirty and I reckon space here is a luxury.

IMG_3092 IMG_3093 IMG_3095 IMG_3097 IMG_3098

Sang Kee Congee

G/F, 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan


Some people like this but I personally think this is quite average. You can taste their congee is fresh and well made but it did not wow me at all. Plus, they try to pack as many people as possible into this place which makes it quite uncomfortable. I like a place where I do not have to worry about knocking the other person beside me or giving space to let someone out.

IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2851

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