Morton Steak House Hong Kong

Rating: 4.5/5
Atmosphere:   I have been to the one at New York and it looks more updated than the HK one. That being said, it has a great habour view. Book in advance to get the best habour seat because not all seats facing the windows get to see the Symphony of Lights. 
Menu: English
Service:  Is pretty good
Directions: Exit at  Tsim Sha Tsui.
 Restaurant opening hours/address:
4th Floor, Sheraton Hotel. Its a bit tricky to find this place as its quite secluded. Once you enter the lobby, walk up the stairs until you reach fourth floor. Turn around the corner and you can see it on the right.
**Always check for the latest restaurant address as they tend to relocate often.** 


I ordered a Mojito, its classic, cant go wrong with that.

Waitress recommended cold dish of lobster tail that came with a tomato paste like sauce and mustard mayonnaise I think.

It was good, lobster was cooked just right and tasted very fresh. The other appetizer that we ordered scallops wrapped in bacon is just alright.

IMG_4381 IMG_4382

The portions are huge, at least for me. Anyhow, to share, we ordered a steak and a chilean seabass fillet. Steak has an option for two side dishes, so we went with Lyonnaise Potatoes which is of same standard as the one I ate in the US and the creamed spinach which was really nice as well. The mains were great.

The Seabass was well cooked, it wasnt over cooked and it definitely wasn’t under. The cream sauce that came it with complements the fish.


But I came for the souffle. If I had a choice, I will order all the flavours of the souffle and skip the entrees.  But in HK, you need to order 40minutes as opposed to 20minutes in US.

This is absolutely the best souffle I had in my entire life. The pinnacle of the meal for me, was this.

To die for . . .

Grand Marnier Souffle

Grand Marnier Souffle


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