Taxis in Hong Kong

Did you know that taxis in Hong Kong are colour coded by regions. Hong Kong and Kowloon Taxis are red. Whereas New Territories taxis which are located nearer to China are green. And only in Lantau you will be able to see blue taxis.


If I am not wrong, majority of the taxis in Hong Kong are privately owned. Red color taxi licenses are most expensive and hence, they can move around in HK Island, Kowloon and also in New Territories. But New Territories ones are not allowed to travel to HK Island or Kowloon except certain areas like Hospitals. But only Lantau blue taxis are allowed exclusively in Lantau. So if you live in NT and flag a taxi, it cant travel to Kowloon or HK Island. A bit mafan.

Although red taxis are allowed to travel to most of HK. Not all red taxis go to Kowloon and vice versa. So you may experience taxis that will refuse to fetch you across the habour.

Taxi fares in HK are relatively cheaper than compared to Sg, but that is if you don’t cross the habour. I am not a big fan of taking taxis that cross the habour. Because I either get stuck in the traffic jam using the government owned underwater tunnel or cough up a huge toll fee to use the privately owned underwater tunnels.

In HK, there are three tunnels. There are two privately owned ones (located at the Western end and Eastern end of HK Island) or the only government owned one (Wan Chai) which is more reasonably priced than the other two. But if  you are in a hurry, the private ones will serve you better but they come at a price. Be sure to tell them you want to take the government tunnel else you will most likely be taken to the private ones if you are not a local.

IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1918


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