Trams in Hong Kong

Trams in Hong Kong are one of the earliest form of transportation in Hong Kong. Its build along the coastal line of Hong Kong. And you can see from the tram lines in Hong Kong today, much land has been reclaimed since the tram line was established.

I use the tram line for direction. Trams are only present in HK Island. In HK, they separate the country into 3 main regions. 1 is HK island where the business district currently sits now, Kowloon is which directly opposite of HK Island and New Territories where its linked to China.

The tram lines typically run from East to West end of HK island and vice versa. And its located on the main road in each district. You can see the destination of the tram displayed in front of the tram. Eg Happy Valley. All trams will stop at every single tram stop and take the same route but the only difference is each final destination stop. Some will terminate earlier than others.

Trams are especially popular on Sundays and can get crowded.

The tram entrance is at the back and you exit in front after tapping your Octopus card or paying in cash. Its also the cheapest form of transport in HK.

Interior of Old Tram

Interior of Old Tram


Interior of New Trams

Interior of New Trams





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