Summer Palace

Rating: 3/5
Atmosphere:   Place looks posh with giant chandeliers. They like to seat people together which I don’t understand when there is so much space.
Menu: English.

 Address: Level 5 of Island Shangri La at Admiralty. Its reachable via Pacific Place which is linked via underpass at Admiralty MTR.

Upon hearing they got awarded two michelin stars recently, I had serious thoughts about giving this restaurant a try.

The suckling pig pancake was probably my favourite of all dishes. Its presented like a peking duck pancake, the first layer was a nice crispy suckling pig skin without any fat. It was very good. Followed by sweet mantou layer which adds a touch of sweetness and a final layer of meat which little fat. This is good.  The meal started on a high note.

BBQ Suckling Pig Pancake

BBQ Suckling Pig Pancake

Then, we waited 20minutes for the next dish.

The staff strength seems inadequate for the number of tables to be served. Some tables are a bit too close to each other in a fine dining restaurant.

The portions are generous. Be careful not to over order.

I was disappointed by the crispy chicken, considering it is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. There was fat on the skin and the meat was tough.

Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

The vegetable dish is pretty average. Like a normal “zichar” dish.

Shredded Chicken with peashoots

Shredded Chicken with peashoots

The fish was slightly overcooked and I felt the sausage was overpowering the fish.

Garoupa with chinese liver sausage with Chinese wine sauce

Garoupa with chinese liver sausage with Chinese wine sauce

For two michelin stars, I would expect the service staff to explain the dishes when it came and we had to pour our own tea a couple of times. And we had to ask for our rice twice before it came. Mostly importantly, they did not tell us that there was a discount on HSBC Credit Cards when we asked for the bill.

The dishes took a long time to arrive. It was not expected of two michelin stars.

But given all that in consideration, the bill came up to only 1000HKD for two. It was cheap for michelin standards with big portions.




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