Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong Review

Cha Chaan Tengs are many of my HK colleagues typical lunch meal.

Its become somewhat of a culinary institution in Hong Kong overtime.

Its popular because its HK comfort food, affordable to masses, no frills, local fast food with simple food preparation process.

My favorites to order are usually Bo Luo Bao, egg tarts, milk tea, thick bread french toast.
But they also serve a variety of fast food HK style like baked rice, fishball noodles, curry beef brisket with rice, sweet sour chicken with rice, different types of sandwiches, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, macaronic tomato beef soup etc.

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ Central, Wellington Street

Not all Tsui Wah are created equal. This is the only one that lives up to the standard. This is probably the only cafe I will patronize again.

I like their thick bread french toast, drizzled with syrup, melting butter with a nice cuppa of HK style milk tea.
Their crispy buns with condensed milk and fish ball noodle soup, baked rice and egg type sandwiches are also in demand.

This is a must try for tourist who want to know how HK style cafe is like. Its tourist friendly, they have a dedicated staff who speaks
in Mandarin and also the seating is more spacious than any other HK cafes I been to.

G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central MTR Exit D2

蘭芳園 Lan Fong Yuen

This place is a tourist destination by itself with a long history of establishment.
Its famous for its milk tea which is pleasant but I find sometimes it can be pretty strong, sometimes pretty weak.
The pork chop bun is easier to eat than other places. I had versions where the meat is too dry, bit overcooked and with no sauce which makes it hard to eat.
But I think its just normal bun with pork chop. Crispy bun with condensed milk is ordinary.

It can get pretty cramped, elbow to elbow.

2 Gage Street, Central MTR Exit D2


勝香園 Sing Heung Yuen

I read that its famous for its tomato soup with noodles. I ordered tomato sausage noodle soup with milk tea.
The tomato soup is just plain tomato from a can. I dont understand why its recommended.
So, I thought maybe give it another chance, so I ordered their crispy bun with condensed milk, I was pretty disappointed.
I was sharing the table with two tourists, the servers served the wrong dish to the poor tourist
and blamed them for taking the food when someone else at the same table ordered that dish.
The tourist obviously speaks zero cantonese and could not speak up for herself.

I wouldnt recommend this place.
2 Mei Lun Street, Sheung Wan MTR Exit E2

北海道牧場餐廳 Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant

This is a cafe chain, you can find many branches scattered over the island.

Their egg sandwich is a bit tasteless. The french toast is not as fluffy and light as Tsui Wah.
Milk tea is ordinary.
8/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street, Central MTR Exit D2

IMG_4146 IMG_4148

龍鳳冰室 Lung Fung Cafe – Celebrity owned cafe

I was walking past one night after work, and my friend saw the owner. She said he looked like a HK actor.
I thought she was joking until some giggling girls requested to take pictures with him. Unfortunately I dont know his name but he was
very accomodating with requests to take pictures and it helps that the service was friendly.

The interior decoration is old school HK cafe but also quite cramped but quite clean though.

I never got the chance to try the other dishes as I am not a great fan of Cha Chaan Teng food except their baked products.
So I ordered the bo luo bun and a pineapple drink. The bo luo bun was nice light and fluffy, I am into soft breads.
The pineapple drink was average. It can get pretty cramped but at least its cleaner than most Cha Chaan Teng.
G/F,16 Spring Garden Street, Wan Chai Exit A3

IMG_4200 IMG_4201
金鳳茶餐廳 Kam Fung Restaurant

Conveniently located just across the road from Lung Fung Cafe. This place is more of a tourist destination.
While I was next in queue, a queue had formed behind me in just 1 minute almost all armed with a camera.
This place seems popular with Korean and Chinese tourist.

They open and close early. I was expecting rude bossy wait staff but they were pretty nice.

I think it was pretty average. You will need to share tables and not your glamourous cafe.
I ordered their egg sandwich, I find it too oily and ordinary.
Their chicken pie is also quite average, I prefer Singapore Don pie or Prima Deli chicken pie (I could be biased).
Their bo luo bao is also average. The egg tart is not too bad but not worth queueing up.

But yet, despite all that, its always so packed. Am I missing something…

G/F, Spring Garden Mansion, 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai Exit A3

IMG_4181 IMG_4183 IMG_4184 IMG_4185
喜喜冰室 The Match Box

Its a nostalgic style HK cafe. The prices are much higher than the others. I would probably only go back
for their egg tarts. I bought my colleagues some egg tarts and they loved it because its “eggy”. But I think
their crust should be thicker to hold the custard as it crumbles as you lift it up. But I notice the standard of the egg
tarts are not consistent, sometimes its nice, sometimes its not.

This place is definitely not value for money and you get much less and pay more $$.

Service is alright but also cramped.

G/F, Highland Mansion, 8 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay MTR Exit E (about 5mins walk afters)


Lovely egg tarts

Lovely egg tarts

Black sesame jam with condensed milk on toast

Black sesame jam with condensed milk on toast

Bland boring french toast

Bland boring french toast

I know there are other popular Cha Chaan Teng like Mido, Star, Australian Dairy I have not tried.
I am leaving it out for now until i relocate to Kowloon… pretty soon…

And just in case, if you fancy…

a HK style Star bucks at Duddell street…

IMG_1283 - Copy IMG_1609 IMG_1282

11 thoughts on “Cha Chaan Teng in Hong Kong Review

    • The tea is stronger and darker than the rest with stark contrast to smooth super creamy condensed milk. Its like a celebrity in itself for milk tea. That doesnt mean other places do not serve equally stunning milk tea. Still can get pretty good milk tea in other places in HK. After all milk tea is pretty integral part of the HK food culture.

    • I know what you mean. And when you do order, its mostly boiled veg in big portions drizzled with oyster sauce. Slightly bland for my liking but thats how they like it. Its quite amazing, how similar our tastes can be but also how vastly different it is at the same time.

  1. Very informative blog. I have a question though, is it easy for non cantonese and chinese speaker to order here? I mean do they speak english? And I notice most of cha chaan teng in hk only have chinese menu. Do they provide english menu? I’m going to work in hk and concern about the language barrier there. Thanks in advance!

    • U can try to ask for an english menu but local local places wont have it. Otherwise u can hit the proper restaurants or order from cafe decoral and maxim cct. If ur colleagues are local prepare to integrate and steep learning curve for canto. Never call them hongkies( racist), use hk people. Its defo handy to pick up survival canto for taxis food etc. unless u stay in central or wan chai or admiralty canto is way of life. Or putonghua works although english is recommended at first try . Then switch to putonghua laters due to chinese influence.

      • Thank you for your kind advice. I will stay around wan chai. I love to explore new things like local food so I better start learning chinese and canto then ! Do all hk people speak chinese?

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