Yung Kee Restaurant Review

Rating : 4/5

Going to Yung Kee for a meal depends a lot on luck. Their standards are not consistent. One day I had the most amazing melt in the mouth (fatless) Char Siew (Chinese BBQ Pork), another day, the char siew will be too dry and fatty. How can they get it so wrong and so right.

Their service levels have definitely dropped a lot. In my most recent trip, the waitress replacing the dishes was throwing the dishes on the table. Gosh. Is this michelin recommended?

I will probably go back again.

Despite that, I must admit that I do like their food like the fried rice and bamboo pith with ginko nuts and mushroom.  Their BBQ meats standards have definitely dropped these few years.

Other than the BBQ meats, they are also known for century egg with ginger slices.

You can also buy takeway roast goose and century egg. In addition, at their takeaway counter, they also sell Chinese sausages. Like the duck liver sausage that they are well known for but I personally think its very much the standard of duck liver sausage in HK. Kee Wah ones are great as well.

32-40 Wellington Street, Central MTR Exit D2

IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4097 IMG_4100


2 thoughts on “Yung Kee Restaurant Review

    • I know Yung kee really famous for goose. I must admit I have a challenge in finding a good roast meat place in hk as I think they tend to lean towards the oily side which is fine but not really for me.

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