Tango Argentinian Steakhouse Review

Rating: 3/5

I had a rough day at work and was really looking forward to this steak. Plus, I hear really good stuff on Argentinian steaks. So I brought my friend who was a big fan of Argentinian steaks. I very much wanted to like this place as my colleague likes their steak and I was getting a bit bored of always going to American steakhouses. (although they are great).

Perhaps it was set lunch, the sirloin steak was so full of  lumps of fat and so tough for medium rare. I ended up eating only 3/4 of the steak. They gave many sauces but there was nothing really special about the sauces.

The tasting of 3 ceviches was too acidic. I felt like my stomach lining was going off.

And I notice, there was only 1 person serving the entire restaurant. I feel sorry for the guy. It took 10 minutes to take our order,  waited 15minutes for our meal. This is by far the slowest service I had.

Not to mention, the tables are packed quite closely together, especially those leaning towards the middle interior wall.

1st Floor, Carfield Building, 77 Wyndham Street,Central, Hong Kong, China (Central)

IMG_6031 IMG_6033 IMG_6034


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