Trattoria Caffe’ Monteverdi Review

Rating: 4/5

6/A G/F High Street | Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan (this place perched along the hill might involve some climbing if you take route from base of hill. Or if not catch bus 40 outside pacific place and walk down the hill.) Restaurant is located amongst streets of car garages) 

This is the only restaurant I go to that I get introduced to the owners. If I were to go back, I will go for an earlier dinner service as I think most people tend to come in about 8pm and space could get slightly tight.

I think reservation is important as its a small intimate restaurant that seats 20. I do wish the seating space could be bigger.

The service is stellar. They certainly know how to make you feel at home and comfortable. I could not believe when I spoke to the owner and hear that the restaurant is open for barely a year. Because, the service is great, the staff knows the food well and know what they are doing.

This place should at least be recommended by Michelin or have one star.

Do not expect fine dining food, its home cooking rustic Italian food.

Italy is more known for wines but the beer that the owner himself introduced was great. Its not that alcoholic and smooth. I am not a beer drinker but I really liked this one.

He was very knowledgeable about anything Italian.

The liver pate recipe is over a century old and its grows on you as you take it down.

I like the stuffed sardines but I dint think there was anything stuffed.

IMG_6197 IMG_6199


The lasagna is very fresh and there was generous amount of minced beef. Definitely recommend this.

I love the mashed potatoes that came with the veal, it tastes so buttery and sweet for some weird reason but also has slight rosemary taste. Its not just any mashed potatoes. The veal itself was alright.

The seabass is bit overcooked. Wasn’t too impressed with that dish.


Desserts is not really their strong point.

IMG_6204 IMG_6205


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