The Pawn Review

Rating: Below 3

This building is historical and looks great. Decor also looks fabulous. But its a bit too dark for my liking.

I came here because sometime back it was recommended by one of the TV channels Li. So I considered giving it a try.

Its one of the worst meals I had in HK, sad to say. It could be a great bar. But the food aint any good. It took a good 20 minutes to get my meal. And the service was not attentive and sometimes you cannot find a service staff to attend to your needs. They always seem to be busy. But at the same time, there are guys in suits standing around but not doing anything to help out.

When I got my meal, I did not finish the food. And I still felt hungry despite paying a lot for this meal.

I ordered the pork roast with apples, the pork was so dry, it was virtually difficult to bite into.

Nevertheless, we left with empty stomachs.


IMG_2896 - Copy IMG_2894 - Copy IMG_2897 - Copy




2 thoughts on “The Pawn Review

    • Omg,i am so glad I m not the only one that thinks that way. This place seems to have good reviews in openrice and I really wonder if I was being too harsh.

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