Food to bring back from hong kong

I have a pretty bad habit of packing too much food back from Hong Kong to Singapore each time I go back or when my family comes. I love to share good food.

Here are my top picks.

Wing Wah Bakery

Gotta have their many varied fillings of wife biscuits from mung bean to red bean to raspberry to traditional, comes in mini size now.

Love their pork floss egg rolls and plain egg rolls.

Preserved JinHua ham, not sure if thats sold in Singapore

IMG_1561 IMG_1746

Kee Wah Bakery

I love their multi flavoured egg rolls like ginger, coffee, seaweed, coconut and its also very crisp.

I am not crazy about their wife biscuit but its pretty decent quality. Also you get them in mini sizes as well.

Their tea biscuits are the best! In Jasmine tea, oolong tea flavours, green tea or more . I remembered passing some to my friend and his mum finished it without saving him any. Its that good eh.

Their duck liver sausages are also great but only sold during winter months and you need to keep it in the fridge.

Ko Kei Bakery

Their mini almond biscuits have a nice crunchy texture and taste the best to me. It almost melts in your mouth. The other brands are a bit too smooth for my liking. Its way cheaper to buy in HK than in Singapore.

Their peanut candies are also very nice.


You can select any candies and pay weight. what I really like here are the crispy fish skins in tomato, black pepper, original or in spicy flavors that you can use for dipping into soups.

Love their cooked chestnuts.

Also like their seaweed wasabi tempura. Eat it sinply as a snack. you will get super addicted.


Hang Heung 

None other than their wife cakes. Click here for my post on wife cakes.

Yung Kee 

Some people bring back their famous century eggs and also roast goose.

Egg Tarts – Tai Cheong/Honolulu etc

Some will also bring back egg tarts. Click here for my post on egg tarts.


HK is a tea drinking country. Well, I love those flower blossoming tea that opens up as a entire flower with its leaves in tact. You can purchase from any tea shop.

What we dont have in Singapore is also Osathamus flower, which most tea shops should sell. Rose and lavender tea is also easily available.

Green Dot Dot

If you are into almond, sesame, barley, gingko nut pastes or drinks. This place packs many to choose from. Link to website.

Japanese styled bakery

Get those mini mochi bread, its crispy outside with mochi inside and comes in different flavours like Cheese, green tea etc

Dried Seafood

From Sheung Wan seafood street, you can purchase dried scallops, shark bones for soups, fish maw, oysters.

Local Supermarket like Wellcome, Park N Shop

What I really love about HK supermarkets is the huge variety of different Chinese herbs like dates that comes in a packet where you can drop into soups. And they also sell ready cut soup ingredients like pork ribs, carrots, corn where you can just dump into soup and boil. Pity Singapore dont have the soup drinking culture. We should really start one.

If you are making beef brisket, then you will find that Singapore supermarkets don’t sell Chu Hou sauce.

They also dont sell Okinawa black sugar which gives baked products a rich dark flavour.

And green tea powder is dirt cheap in HK! In Singapore, the green tea powder is just insane! Especially when I was baking and the green tea powder is so expensive that I had to use sparingly.

Their ginger chicken powder is great for making ginger chicken, but that is also not sold in Singapore.

Not sure if their pepper salt is sold in Singapore.







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