Where to eat Fish Balls in Hong Kong

I love fishballs. They are light and healthy. In Hong Kong, curry fishballs are littered everywhere, some even have different dipping sauce, like satay, barbecue sauce . Their fishballs are more chewy than the ones found in Singapore.

I also love their dace fish ball, only if its fried. It tastes very different from the usual ones and its also super chewy. If you like chewy fishballs, you will love this. I hope I can learn how to make it before I go back Singapore.

But there are the places I adore having plain old simple fishball noodles.

德昌魚蛋粉  Tak Cheong Noodle

I love the crackling sound when I dip my fried fish skin.

75 Electric Road, Hong Kong, China, Tin Hau MTR Exit A2

IMG_5306 IMG_5307 IMG_5308

Sang Kee Fresh Fish Shop 

Its situated near the infamous sang kee congee shop.

The service is rude even though it wasn’t busy. Did not feel welcomed. I had their fried fish ball and dace fish cake noodles. Its ok not too bad. Soup is clear and light. Good if you are looking for simple tasting dish.

IMG_2881 IMG_2882 IMG_2880 IMG_2879 IMG_2878


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