Hi! I am Kate Toh and I am the author of Singaporeaninhk blog. I am a peranakan and I have been posted to Hk to work.

My blog is a lifestyle blog about a Singaporean overseas. Like most Singaporeans, I love food. And I hope by sharing my knowledge with you, I am able to make your trip to HK a pleasant one.

I will be sharing with you my food experiences from Michelin star restaurants to proprietary/family owned /small scale eateries to “dai pai dong” roadside stalls to street food, openrice winners etc…

I know no trip is complete without some shopping as well! With that in mind, I will soon be posting some information on shopping, sightseeing and what you need to know before you come Hk. 

As Hk is also a big country and the people love to celebrate, it has no lack of mountains to climb, no lack of festivals celebrations to keep one busy.

We love hearing your feedback, so please leave us a comment on your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends. We appreciate! Thanks for spending time with us on Singaporeaninhk.(katetohsg@gmail.com)

** I have put my posts into different categories (bottom left hand side of every page) to help one navigate around the different tourist areas or slot the postings into ratings or other categories that deem fit, so one post could appear twice or more.

The views and opinions expressed in the articles posted here are presented in good faith and are strictly my own.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I really want to thank you for the info – esp. starbucks, gelato, lao po ping pastries.
    It’s going to be helpful in my upcoming hk trip in oct 2013.

  2. Hey Kate, was searching for singaporeans in HK and came across your blog! My family is going to move over early next year as hb will be posted there to work. Wondering if there’s any Singaporean community where I can link up to? Tks in advance!

  3. Hi Jocelyn. I was born in Spore and know HK almost like the back of my hand. I do not recommend “Meet UP” personally. The one I attended in Sg was disastrous, badly organized and more of a money making get a group together in a bar how’s-your-father kinda deal. There are other more viable options available in HK. Message me here if you want to know more. I am also on the blower (phone). Yup spent too many years in London and now resident in Hong Kong for my “sins”. Lol

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